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We’ve complied the list of frequently asked questions to help you along the way to obtain higher performance

We are blazingly fast. Your job will be processed on high-speed industrial-grade machines. So most of our customers who need digital color prints, posters, flyers, etc. wait at the counter while we are processing the same. They generally walk out with the finished prints in 10 – 20 minutes. If all the machines are busy, you might have to wait longer.

Some printing jobs require post-press finishing like lamination, sunboard mounting, metal framing, etc. Such additional processes add to the time for completion. While these too can be pushed for same-day delivery, we generally ask for a lead time of a day or two in these cases. In any case, if you are coming to visit us, do give us a call to plan out the same in advance.

We are extremely competitive on the pricing front and offer further discounts on bulk jobs. We have 50 odd products on offer. Also most of these products have multiple variations.

Yes. At R.R Printers, we are extremely confident that our print quality will meet all your requirements. So, if you are worried about the print quality, we can probably print out a small batch of your job in your presence. If you don’t like it, you can just walk out and no questions will be asked.

R.R Printers offers personalised printing services. Our print jobs contain images, logos, and data meant only for you. So, for example, if you return a visiting card containing your name, we really cannot resell it to another client. Therefore goods returns are not accepted at R.R Printers like they are, in a mall or clothing store. But this does not mean that we do not stand behind our print quality. If our work is deficient in any way, your job will be reprinted / replaced at once.

When you bring in your jobs for printing, please ensure that you get print ready files in the following formats. For images please save your files in as .pdfs, .tiffs .jpegs .pngs. Vector files can also be exported in a .eps format. You can also choose to send us open files in the the following formats: CorelDraw all versions Adobe Illustrator (version 5) Photoshop (PS5) Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

If you are coming to the shop, feel free to bring your files on a USB Pen Drive, hard disk, flash drive, or your mobile phone (do remember to carry the cable in this case). For remote jobs you can also send the files to us over the internet.

All prints attract 18% GST. There are a few exceptions like prints on cloth on which 12% GST is levied. The GST tax component is mentioned in the pricing section of all our product pages. Moreover our estimates, email quotes, invoices, etc. will clearly mention the GST component in the cost of the print job.

Since we are talking about GST, there are two more things that you need to note: If your business has a GST number, please make sure that you communicate the same to us. This is because you will get a credit back of the GST amount you pay us, if we mention your number on our invoice. Taxpayers registered under the composition scheme are an exception to this rule.

Solvent prints are very economical and meant for short term ad campaigns like hoardings and banners. Solvent prints are mainly used for outdoor applications. The quality of the prints is low and not very sharp. But this does not matter because the end application demands short term life at a low price point.

Eco solvent prints are much better in terms of print quality. Most indoor photo quality prints that you see in malls and retail outlets are printed on eco solvent machines. In addition to having high resolution image reproduction, these prints also have a significantly longer life solvent prints. Eco solvent prints are marginally more expensive than solvent prints.

UV ink prints are the latest addition to digital printing technology. They are of a very high resolution. The inks are virtually indestructible. The prints will last for years together, in the harshest of conditions. This makes UV prints ideal for applications like vehicle branding, shop floor signs, road direction signs, etc. UV printers can also print on non standard materials like rexine, leather, wood, glass, acrylic, MDF, steel plates, ACP, etc. The cost of UV prints is higher than eco-solvent jobs and hence are used primarily for specialised applications.

If you are coming to the shop, feel free to bring your files on a USB Pen Drive, hard disk, flash drive, or your mobile phone (do remember to carry the cable in this case). For remote jobs you can also send the files to us over the internet. Most email services will max-out at 25 Mb. So you’ll have to try one of the many online file transfer services to send us larger files. Here’s a few free services we’d like to recommend… WeTransfer Dropbox Google Drive.

No. Our indoor prints are very robust and they are pretty resistant to the vagaries of the weather. We have solvent prints, laminated eco solvent prints and UV prints, all of which are rated for outdoor use. But this sentence needs some clarification.

Fading of outdoor prints is a function of rain and sunlight. So a low cost, low quality, solvent print is recommended for short term ad campaigns. These prints do fade after 6 – 12 months but by then their application is long over. High resolution backlit prints will last for years and years. But they cost a little more.

We are open from Mondays – Saturdays between 9 AM to 7:30 PM. We are closed on Sundays.